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There are several wonderful lodges in Ecuador which lie in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, known as “El Oriente.” Each is slightly different and we are here to help you choose the one that will match your interests and style of travel best. We have chosen these particular lodges in large part because they both are responsible eco-tourism projects that support the local population while also promoting conservation. A couple of them are also community-owned lodges. They are excellent choices in terms of the experience, activities and facilities provided. We have visited all of these lodges and our adventure consultants are here to guide you in choosing the one that will best meet your expectations and desires.

Learn More About Each Lodge Below:

La Selva Jungle Lodge

Located across  the Napo River from Yasuni National Park, La Selva Jungle Lodge is an award winning Amazon lodge under new ownership since 2011 and completely rebuilt in 2012. Located along the banks of the Napo River, with its own private black-water lagoon, La Selva is raising the bar for superlative service and facilities in the region.  Each thatch-roofed cabin is beautifully appointed inside.  Meals in the dining room are equally excellent and the staff is very adept at meeting any dietary requests you may have.

Extremely knowledgeable naturalist guides are with you during all activities at the lodge.  These include canoeing on the lagoon, walks in the rainforest, visits to the butterfly farm and climbs up the observation tower.  Bird life is rich in the surrounding forest and even within the area of the cabins there is a healthy population of birds including oropendolas, hoatzins, nighthawks, warblers and more.  It is not uncommon to see several species of monkeys including howlers, Capuchin and squirrel monkeys.   Waking up to the vibrating call of the howler monkey is truly a rare delight you might experience at La Selva Jungle Lodge.

With just 18 cabins you enjoy an intimate experience.  Each group that arrives at the lodge has their own naturalist guide as well as a local guide, both of whom serve as your own private guides during your entire stay.  A typical day starts with an early rise, breakfast and then a walk or canoe ride as the sun lightens the sky.  By late morning you arrive back at the lodge for some rest time, lunch and then optional activities such as kayaking on the lagoon.  Around 4:00 pm you meet with your guides once again for another late afternoon / early evening activity, returning to the lodge about half an hour prior to dinner.

Napo Wildlife Center

The Napo Wildlife Center (NWC Amazon Lodge) is a shining example of the good that can be done when conservation and accommodation combine. Based within the majesty of the Amazon rainforest, this land-preserving establishment hosts quarters that are eco-friendly yet luxurious. The hotel is responsible for the protection of over 82 square miles of precious rainforest, making each paid stay a compassionate one.

Adjacent to the stunning Anangucocha lake, the NWC Amazon Lodge boasts a history that supports both the land and its people. In the early '90s, the native community called it upon themselves to found a place that would not only serve as an excellent spot for hospitality, but a source of local jobs and a way to conserve the Amazon. From humble beginnings their little jungle lodge evolved into the first class ecotourism hotspot that it is today.

A stay at the NWC is not only an investment in conservation, but an investment for a great vacation.

Sacha Lodge

Sacha Lodge is situated within an expansive 5000 acre ecological reserve located in Ecuador's Amazon. The reserve it calls home is exclusive, making any stay here a peaceful and private getaway.

Sacha's accommodations offer many comforts with few environmental footprints. Each of the lodge's thatched cabins was constructed from natural materials, allowing them to blend in seamlessly with their dense surroundings.

Activities onsite allow for travel between a variety of different habitats. Some trails jut off into the towering forest, while others take you by boardwalk through the flooded areas. One even contains a zip line that will cruise you past interesting swampland!

No matter which path you take or what you choose to do, you're certain to discover wonders beyond your wildest dreams during your stay at Sacha Lodge

Sani Lodge

Sani Lodge is a unique Ecuadorian eco-hotel devoted to local conservation on several counts. Owned and run by the native Sani people, a stay here guarantees an authentic Amazon experience.

Not far from Sani is the gorgeous Challuacocha Lake, an enchanting headquarters for Aracari and Hoatzin as well as floating hyacinths and tall grasses. This water wonderland is just one of countless gems you can expect to uncover during your stay at Sani Lodge.

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Day 1

This is a sample itinerary. The lodges we use are all in the same vicinity, so this itinerary gives you an idea of the incredible Amazon adventures that await!  Also, the majority of our trips to the Amazon are customized to the guest, so please call to create a trip perfect for you. 

Depart from Quito
(30 minute flight to Coca over the eastern Andes mountain range)

Upon arrival mid-morning, a short ride will put us at the local port for an exciting two hour cruise along the Napo River. Seated comfortably in your covered motorboat, enjoy a boxed lunch en route as you meander merrily past herons, kingfishers and other beautiful birds.
Once we reach our destination dock, there will be time for a quick break before boarding our dugout canoes for a blissful one hour float down a nearby narrow creek. Scores of trees form a canopy overhead, where it's not uncommon for playful primates to turn branches into real life "monkey bars". Meanwhile, macaws, toucans, parrots and other awe-inspiring avians dart through the sky.
Early evening will find us at our gorgeous lakeside lodge. Join the group for a welcome drink before an astounding included dinner.
Later, if you're feeling adventurous, why not make your way outside the lodge and around the lake for a spectacular cayman (alligator) viewing. Observing these guys up-close and in their natural environment is sure to be a thrill.

MEALS INCLUDED : Lunch, Dinner

Day 2

An early start to the day grants you the incredible opportunity to witness the best parrot clay lick spot in all of Ecuador. Thought to neutralize the toxins from their seed-heavy diet, it is here you'll see a rainbow of birds licking the earthy walls like popsicles. Eleven species in all can be found feasting on the sodium-rich clay, from parrots to parakeets.

Next we'll embark on a trek and pay a visit to the Quichua community for a lesson on local culture. After that, another short hike will put us at our second clay lick of the day for another round of unique viewing. We'll get a chance to check out the observatory and enjoy a box lunch before heading back to our lodge for a low-key evening.

MEALS INCLUDED : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 3

Following a spectacular morning meal, it's off to tour the community of the Kichwa of Añangu. It's a fascinating opportunity to see how local folk maintain a traditional way of life.

A riverside stroll will then find us within the boundaries of the impressive Amazon, a heaven and haven for creatures of all kinds. Your expert guide will inform you with facts on everything from plants to pigmies.

A trip to a nearby school and village of the natives is next on the agenda. You'll discover how the community has evolved over the years for the better, developing leaps and bounds in areas such as health care and education. Again you'll be afforded the opportunity to commune with a local family, sure to be an experience you'll treasure.

After a hotel-brought lunch, we'll forge back into the forest towards the pristine Añangu lagoon. While we're walking the walk, we'll be talking the talk... of the dizzying variety of flora that surrounds us. Many of the delights we'll encounter are useful for medicines and other purposes.

We'll arrive back at the lodge in the early evening for a good dinner and good night's rest before tomorrow's adventures.

MEALS INCLUDED : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 4

This morning we'll rise early for our return paddle by way of the Napo River. As we canoe away from this awesome area, otters, monkeys and rare bids will be around to bid us farewell.

Once at the docking station, there will be time for a bathroom break before we embark back onto the boat that saw us here. We'll review the group's flight details on our return journey to Coca.

MEALS INCLUDED : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 5

There are plenty of optional activities at hand for you to fill your last hours in Ecuador. A multitude of different trails, creeks, licks and workshops are available for your last-minute exploration and entertainment.

NOTE: The above itinerary serves as a guideline only and is subject to alterations from the weather and group interest. Wherever possible, your experience will be enhanced to maximize animal viewing and outdoors enjoyment. You can also opt for a tour with a customized itinerary to better suit your travel needs and desires.


Dates & Rates

Supplementary Information

4 to 5 Day Rainforest Lodge Packages

Departures: Year round daily departures by request, please call for specific dates.

La Selva Jungle Lodge 2019

4Day / 3Night

Double/Triple $1215 / $1280 per person
Single $1580 / $1664 per person

5Day / 4Night

Double/Triple $1510 / $1590 per person
Single $1963 / $2067 per person
Round trip Flight to Coca $200

La Selva Jungle Lodge 2020

4Day / 3Night

Double/Triple $1350 / $1425 per person
Single $1755 

5Day / 4Night

Double/Triple $1670 / $1760 per person
Single $2171
Round trip Flight to Coca $200

Napo Wildlife Center 2019

4Day / 3Night 

Standard: $1332 per person / $2112 single (Coca flights $260 per person) 

Suite: $1575 per person / $2475 single  (Coca flights $260 per person)

5Day / 4Night

Standard: $1632 per person / $2562 single (Coca flights $260 per person) 

Suite: $1950 per person / $3036 single (Coca flights $260 per person) 

Please inquire about extended programs.

Sacha Lodge 2019

4Day / 3Night 

Double/Triple $1490 per person
Single $1863 per person
Roundtrip flight to Coca $240

5Day / 4Night

Double/Triple $1490 per person
Single $1863 per person
Roundtrip flight to Coca $240

Sani Jungle Lodge 2019

4Day / 3Night

Double/Triple $1111 per person
Single $1334 per person

5Day / 4Night

Double/Triple $1390 per person
Single $1668 per person

Coca flights: $310 per person

FAQ & More

What vaccinations are required?

While there are no mandatory vaccination requirements there are a few recommended, please check with your own health professional or the Center for Disease Control website. Hepatitus A:Vaccination is recommended to all travelers to Yasuní. Hepatitus B: Vaccination recommended to all travelers to Yasuní, especially those who may have exposure to blood or body fluids through the giving or receiving of medical care, drug injections, tattooing, or sexual contact with the local population. Typhoid Fever: Vaccination is recommended to all travelers to tropical South America especially those who may be staying in rural areas where exposure through food or water could occur. Yellow Fever: Vaccination is recommended for travel to Amazonia and the Southern Amazon basin. The shot should be given at least 10 days before your arrival and at 10 year intervals if you decide to stay. Rabies: Vaccination is ONLY recommended to travelers with an increased risk of exposure including: long-term travelers living in an area that poses a high-risk of exposure, travelers working in occupations who will have direct contact with bats, stray dogs and cats, or other mammal such as veterinarians, wildlife professionals or researchers.

Are there private facilities at the lodge?

Yes, all cabins have private bathrooms and a hot shower.

Is there electricity at the lodge?

Yes, there is electricity 24/7.

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