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Baja California has long been one of our favorite regions, and our staff has spent years over 25 years exploring the blue coastlines, discovering the best spots to view wildlife, building relationships with local partners and affiliates, and finding the best restaurants, accommodations, bays, museums and more. Our wealth of experience allows us to ensure that your Baja adventure goes above and beyond the guidebook, that you experience lesser-seen-sights as well as the iconic ones you’ve been daydreaming of.

Baja Unbound works with our local partners and affiliates to compose unique, custom tours for you. With our intimate knowledge of Baja and its less-beaten paths, we can design custom special interest tours for you no matter your area of interest, whether you’re an active adventurist hoping to get in some great paddle time to a trekker, biker, birder or history buff. Tell us what your Baja adventure daydreams are made of and we’ll design a trip that makes them a reality. 

To help us design the best possible trip for you, please complete the form below to let us know what activities and places most interest you. 

If you're interested in one of our scheduled group departures, but would like a private adventure, we can do that too! Just tell us a bit more about your group on our private adventures page

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