Capturing Memories: Loreto Edition | Adventure Unbound

Traveling to beautiful Loreto this season? Don't forget the camera! This beautiful location has several photo opportunities and we are happy to give you a few ideas from those who've been there. Enjoy this incredibly beautiful and sunny trip!


  • Snorkeling in the Sea of Cortez: If you're able, bringing a water camera can certainly add spice to your trip!Whether it's a nice digital camera or a disposablewater one, you'll be so glad that you brought it with you. The world's aquarium is waiting!
  • Hiking out to 'The Point' on Isla Carmen: This remarkable location provides you with a 200 degree view of the turquoise waters of the Sea of Cortez and Isla Danzante in the distance.
  • Honeymoon Cove: You're sure to visit Isla Danzante's Honeymoon Cove. The turquoise water and white sandy beach of this one location alone will have you bragging to your friends for months.
  • A Group Photo: While the guides will be taking photos of you during the trip, we cannot guarantee that these will be provided to you, so be sure to ask for a group photo on your very own camera.Your whole groupwill have the opportunity to share photos following the trip too, so you're sure to have options!
  • Loreto's Downtown Mission: Upon arrival or prior to departure, you'll have time to explore. We highly recomment checking out Loreto's Mission in the down
  • A Selfie: We won't tell anyone! A selfie on the beach with your happy hour beverage is sure to bring you back to Baja when you get home, so don't be shy! Remind yourself of just how happy your Baja adventure was!
  • A Loreto Sunrise: The sunset comes quick because of the mountains west of Loreto, but the sunrise is certainly something to see.
  • The Stars: Alright, so not all cameras can capture what you will see out there, but you're away from all of the lights! Take a mental memory of those incredible stars at night and that tremendous moon.
  • Isla Carmen's lighthouse beach: This beautiful beach, with a lighthouse on it, is a memory I certainly will not forget. Capture it to share with friends! 
  • The cobblestone streets and architechture: This little town is so much more than people realize and it's up and coming in the tourism industry. There certainly is something about Loreto, Mexico!