Fun With 'Got Baja' Maps! | Adventure Unbound

While on my Baja Adventure, I came across fun cartoon maps created by 'Got Baja?'. These maps were located nearly every where I seemed to look - grocery stores, shopping malls, the airports, etc. What I did not know was just how many 'Got Baja?' maps there are and how wonderfully they illustrate the area that you are touring. These fun little maps, created for Cabo San Lucas, San Jose Del Cabo, East Cape, Los Barriles, Todos Santos, Ruta del Vino (Baja's Wine Country), La Paz, Loreto, and even one for the Islands of Loreto, will have you familiar with the area prior to, during and after your trip, so that you can make the most of being there!

It was with these maps that I was lead to some of my most favorite places of my trip.

In La Paz, I was lead to the delectable Corazon Cafe' where I enjoyed a Mexican Hot Choclate and to Zen Juice where I tried something tasty.

In Loreto, I enjoyed the amazing Pan Que Pan bakery and Cafe' Ole, I toured Posada De Las Flores (the Las Flores Spa) and then found myself right outside the mission where I took some fantastic photos.

Following my trip, I followed the Loreto Island Map route that our group took - from the Baja mainland, around Isla Danzante to Isla Carmen - to show my family where we went on which days (they were so jealous!). I then saved each map, with the circled locations, as a great memory of the first time I travelled internationally on my own, and as a reminder of the great places to visit on my next trip there.  

Available online & perfect for your scrapbooking needs, these colorful treasure maps allow you to explore Baja in a different light, and it doesn't just stop there. Recently, 'Got Baja?' released maps for the Cabo Ironman and the La Paz Triathlon!

Whether you're planning on a Baja trip or you've just returned, check out these maps at the Got Baja? website or grab one at many of the local restaurants, bars, airports and grocery stores. They are certainly a fun - and, did I mention free? - resource and souvenir for your trip.