Top 10 Therapeutic Aspects of Our BC Trips | Adventure Unbound

Getting away from it all is what vacations are all about; they are meant to have you relaxed with your mind on things other than work or school. Vacations are supposed to be about disconnecting! Here are the top 10 things in BC that make this an incredibly therapeutic vacation. It's time to rejuvenate yourself in amazing British Columbia!

10. The Small-Town Feeling: I don't know about you, but I love the feeling that a small town gives you. Upon arrival in Port McNeill or Port Hardy, take some time to look around and visit the local shops and restaurants. This will help you to immerse yourself in the life and culture, and might even get you into relaxation-mode. The area is so beautiful and quaint that you might just want to move there!

9. The Quiet: From the waves to the wind; from the heavy breathing of an orca to the sound of laughter from guides or fellow guests, or the crackling of the camp fire and the soft lull of chirping from birds in the trees, the quiet and calm of Northern Vancouver Island is impeccable. It's not a dull silence, but a quiet that overcomes you and your mind. You'll find yourself relaxing and settling into these sounds without even realizing it.

8. The Food: Our food not only has a way of sharing the culture around you, but it's incredibly flesh and very delicious. Have a taste of the salmon that swim the waters around you (talk about fresh!), enjoy a happy hour local wine and devour dessert, all made by our exquisite guides. Many of our meals often reflect the traditional cuisine of the area. Enjoying each bite with an appreciative smile will revive your soul.

7. The Views: Sitting in your kayak, or on the beach, glancing at the mountains and islands around you will have you hypnotized as you excitedly search to catch a glimpse of the wildlife. Even as you hike the trails around camp, you'll be quick to notice the beautiful place you're in and, if you're not careful, you may just want to stay permanently!

6. The People: From your guides to your fellow guests and the friendly locals, you're sure to have a blast sitting around the campfire telling stories or sharing talents. Guides will be sharing stories about the area and the native land on which you sit, and by the time your farewell dinner roles around, you'll be incredibly sad to have to say goodbye. But you'll have made new friends! Interaction with others, making new friends, and sharing stories is a sure way to create a meaningful connections with others, which in turn makes you relax more.

5. The Marine Life: Whether it's the sea stars, whales, dolphins or curious harbor seals, British Columbia has so many marine encounters to offer. How they are able to appear and disappear so quickly, I don't know, but they bring a certain magic to the area around them. You'll feel connected to the animals in a way you didn't realize was possible, wondering about their stories. It's truly incredible!

4. The Water: Water can be incredibly soothing - simply watching the way it twists off of your paddle as you glide forward can leave you at ease. The turquoise colors, the waterfalls and the sound of the waves against the shore at night are bound to have you craving the tranquility months after your trip.

3. The Kayaking: The tranquility you'll experience paddling throughout the waters on the Johnstone Strait, Blackfish Sound or through the Broughton Archipelago give you an incredibly adventurous feeling. Float through on the BC currents as your guides direct you past little islands within the area; watch humpback whales and orcas pop up in the deepest waters that the birds occupy as they compete for salmon.

2. The Wilderness: There truly is something about the wilderness that surrounds you during our tours in British Columbia that has us breathing in a little deeper and truly allowing ourselves to mentally escape from civilization. With the birds chirping around us, we are reminded of a simpler time. There are not many other places you could compare this incredible landscape to.

1. The Orcas: From their heavy breathing to the graceful way that they swim through the water, the orcas have had us in a trance since the beginning of time. These killer whales seach the waters of Johnstone Strait for salmon, while playfully calling to one another and sometimes even coming over to rub their bellies on the shore. Perhaps it's their innocent nature or the legendary stories that we hear from our guides; either way, the orcas remain one of the most therapeutic parts to our BC tours.

Sound good to you? BC-season is right around the corner.