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Where IS Patagonia? Argentina? Or Chile? What IS Patagonia — besides a super awesome outdoor company that regularly drains my bank account?

Sometimes facts just don't do justice to a place as rugged and beautiful as Torres del Paine National Park. Instead, look into the heart of Patagonia on this visual adventure through some of Patagonia's best landscapes and activities. Whether it's the iconic Towers of Torres del Paine, the luminescent icebergs scattered like a lacy labyrinth across Grey Lake or light-footed guanacos scampering across the pampa, you may find inspiration for your next Patagonian trek in our Patagonia photography "tour." Patagonia, the wild place at the end of the world, may leave you speechless. But that's what cameras are for. 

Enjoy the views! 


Patagonia photos courtesy of Chad Case Photography.

Grey Lake 

Glacier Grey may be one of Torres del Paine's most stunning glaciers, but Grey Lake (or Lago Grey) — the lake that Glacier Grey fills — is one of its most stunning lakes. With deep grey waters covered by glowing blue icebergs and a rich color created by Glacier Grey's sediment, much less the impressively rugged mountain spires surrounding it, the views from Grey Lake are postcard perfect. 


Torres del Paine National Park 

With its glimmering glaciers and brooding horn-like peaks, it’s not surprising that National Geographic named Torres del Paine National Park the 5th most beautiful place in the world. There's much that you'll have to acclimatize to during your Patagonian vacation, but incredibly vistas won't be one of them. 


Punta Arenas

Punta Arenas, Chile scales the hills off the coast of the Magellan Strait. Ripe with urban modernity, concrete and sun-baked tin rise next door to picturesque trappings of 19th century mansions. It's a land of culture and colors, and it's the perfect gateway into Patagonia. 


Patagonian Gauchos

Locals guide their horses through the rugged brush of Torres del Paine National Park as the jagged, snow-blown mountains rise in the background. They may be bundled up against Patagonia's tempestuous weather, but these gauchos — South America's original cowboys — don't look like they mind. 


Austral Pygmy Owl

This little guy is looking right at you! The fluffy Austral Pygmy-Owl enjoys Patagonia's temperature forests, though with the trees and scrubs blocking your view, you may hear them before you see them. Listen for a high-pitched "tooting" call and then look to the trees. 


The Towers, Torres del Paine National Park

Sometimes you need to stand back and take in the views, like this couple. The Towers of Paine, or the Paine massif, jut high above the steppe and are a trademark of the best Patagonia photos. The lofty granite pillars rise some 2,800 meters above the desert, and if the spires weren't enough to astound, they're also flanked by the black-tusked Los Cuernos (The Horns) and the summit of Paine Grande. 


EcoCamp Patagonia's Geodesic Domes

EcoCamp Patagonia brings the outdoors in as you fall asleep surrounded by incredible views rather than walls in their geodesic domes. Buried right into Torres del Paine's wilderness, EcoCamp Patagonia immerses you in Patagonia's stark beauty...while letting you fall asleep in cozy comfort. 


Cueva del Milodón Natural Monument

Hikers descend into the mouth of a cave—and history. Many of our Patagonia tours stop by the Cueva del Milodón Natural Monument before entering Torres del Paine National Park. This prehistoric cave, only discovered in 1895, is known for the remains of a giant sloth found within. 



Look! Guanaco gather in herds across the wind-swept steppes of Patagonia. Resembling a camel (minus a hump or two) or an alpaca (minus the furry coats), Guanacos roam the Patagonian plains as the region's local llamas. They're one of the fastest animals you'll see crossing the steppe beyond the elusive puma, though they remain a common backdrop of Patagonia photos. 


Mountain Biking Patagonia

Mountain bikers navigate the roads in Torres del Paine National Park with snow-clad mountains looming in the background. Patagonia's Andean peaks and rugged roads attract adventure lovers from all over the world. Just don't forget your GoPro so you can make sure to capture the best Patagonia photos around from a unique viewpoint.