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The Benefits of Shared Adventures

Vacation days are precious and for some, the thought of spending them with total strangers might be terrifying. But group adventures offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences you just can't get traveling solo. When we discover new landscapes, cultures, and cuisines together, there’s a foundation for connection that is hard to replicate elsewhere.

On a shared adventure, you’ll gain new perspectives and make fast friends with like-minded travelers who share your passion for exploring beyond your backyard. Adventure travel allows you to skip the small talk and go straight to the heart of human relationships. As you face challenges and navigate new terrain together, you’ll create memories that last a lifetime.

Read on to discover some of the benefits of shared adventures and how you can make your next vacation a transformative one.


People sitting around a table raising a glass while smiling at sunset at a rooftop restaurant in Corsica, France.


Shared joy is often multiplied

Have you ever seen something incredible and wished there was someone to share the wonder with? While exploring a new destination independently has its rewards, there’s nothing quite like the joy of discovering places with others alongside you. Shared experiences have a way of bringing people together and the joy of encountering a new culture, landscape, or cuisine is often multiplied. When you share joy with others, the positive feelings bounce back and forth, essentially elevating the experience.

It also helps to have fellow witnesses when it comes to recounting travel experiences, whether it’s the sheer wonder at seeing a wild creature in its natural environment or the inspiration that comes with stargazing at a beach campsite. While these experiences are incredible whether you’re alone or in company, trying to explain their majesty to those who weren’t there can be difficult.


A group of tourists on a hike with an Ecuadorian guide in the Galapagos Islands


Diverse perspectives enrich experiences

In any group of travel companions (whether selected from family and friends or thrown together on a guided tour), there are bound to be different opinions and ideas about the world. While encountering diverse perspectives from your own can be confronting at times, they can also help to enrich the travel experience.

When you join a guided tour, you never know who will be joining you for the adventure. Perhaps there are people with ancestral ties to the destination or a niche specialist in a particular animal species you’ll be encountering along the way. Their perspectives and insights will undoubtedly add to the experience in a way that wouldn’t be possible when traveling alone.

When we listen to diverse voices and respectfully share differing opinions, we open our minds to new ideas and experiences beyond own own. This fosters greater tolerance, respect, and understanding among all people - one of the true rewards of travel.


Two women sitting outside of a restaurant in Croatia smiling and laughing at one another


Fosters lifelong connections

Forging new friendships in midlife can feel like an uphill battle, particularly when careers and family commitments get in the way. Strangers take time to become confidants, and nurturing those connections requires effort. But strangers brought together on a shared adventure never stay strangers for long.

When exploring the world with like-minded travelers, conversations deepen readily as you share stories and the experience of discovering a new destination for the first time. There's a sense of camaraderie and bond that develops, even if you come from very different walks of life. Shared adventures and experiences are one simple way of creating new connections in the blink of an eye and often lead to lifelong friendships.


A group of men sitting in an open car looking at a map and devising a plan all together


Support every step of the way

Adventure travel takes you outside your comfort zone with challenging experiences along the way. On shared tours, the new friends you meet during the journey become part of your support system. You’ll bond over awe-inspiring sights and sometimes confronting encounters that push you in new ways. Though there are aspects of adventure travel that seem daunting at first, the camaraderie of sharing them makes them all worthwhile.

Adding to your support network are guides, who are a comforting presence throughout adventure-based tours. They are not only filled with local knowledge about the destination, its cultures, and traditions, but they know the challenges you may encounter throughout the trip. Based on their experience, they will carefully navigate you through what might otherwise be tricky situations, whether it’s language barriers or transport logistics.


Underwater shot of three people swimming with a sea lion


Encourages personal growth

With newfound support from your travel companions and guides, you might be inspired to get outside of your comfort zone. More often than not, travelers return from adventure-based trips with a sense of self-discovery and personal growth that is hard to achieve if you stick to the 9-5 of your everyday routine. When traveling solo, you might be more inclined to “stay on the safe side” and avoid putting yourself in challenging situations.

Shared adventures are a chance to push yourself and expand your horizons in a more comfortable, and encouraging environment. Don’t feel like you’re going to make it to the top of the mountain? With a little encouragement from your travel companions, you might just get there. With an open mindset and a willingness to accept encouragement from those around you, the possibilities for positive change are endless.


People boarding a new and sleek train in Europe on a sunny summer day


Kinder on the environment

When it comes to helping the environment, group travel has some clear advantages. By sharing transportation (rather than booking private transfers), groups reduce the demand for extra resources that solo travel requires. Fewer vehicles on the road and more passengers per boat or train means less fuel burned and smaller carbon footprints.

So if you're looking to tread more lightly on the planet, finding a shared adventure can make a meaningful difference. Better yet, look for a tour company that is aware of its environmental impact and is taking measures to reduce its footprint wherever possible.


The challenges and triumphs of adventure travel

Whether you're climbing mountains, paddling pristine waterways, or exploring ancient ruins, adventure travel has a unique way of bringing people together. When we step outside our comfort zones and into the unknown, we open ourselves up to forming unbreakable bonds with fellow travelers and local communities. We not only return home with incredible stories to share but also expanded perspectives and lifelong friendships.