Best Winter Trips 2017 | Top 4 Adventures | Adventure Unbound

What’s your winter wonderland? 

Cold fronts are coming in and cabin fever is around the bend. Now is the perfect time to plan your holiday getaway, and we at Adventure Unbound have gathered our favorite trips that will make your holiday special, whether you’re celebrating the season or hoping to escape the holiday bustle.

This holiday season, discover your winter wonderland away from hearth and home. Swap strings of red-and-green lights for glowing blue Antarctic icebergs. Trade snowmen for white sand beaches in the Galápagos or Baja. Whether you’re aching to ditch the boots and slip on some flip-flops, give the gift of adventure to your loved ones or treat yourself with a solo travel experience, we’ve got the trip to make your winter wonderland wonder-filled. We’ll even wrap it for you. 


For the Dreamer

Galápagos Island Explorer tour: Snorkel with sea lions, kayak with sea turtles and explore top Galápagos sites—off-the-beaten track and on—as you make your way from island to island on this tour of the exotic archipelago.  


For the Romantic

Patagonia Unbound - Signature Tour: Hike and kayak your way through the famous Torres del Paine National Park on this adventure where your nights end in a cozy dome, camping along a riverside or at a snug mountain lodge. 


For the Adventurer 

Islands of Loreto Bay - Signature Tour: Kayak through turquoise waters, camp on spotless white sand beaches and spend your time exploring the exotic marine life of Mexico’s own “Galápagos.” 


For the Bucket-Lister 

Christmas in Antarctica: Take your “white Christmas” to the next level while you explore the winter wonderland of the Antarctic Peninsula—filled with seals, penguins and whales just like Santa's own hometown.