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Europe Tours with Adventure Unbound

Boasting some of the most iconic tourist sights on the planet, Europe dazzles with its epic history, cultural riches, and staggering natural beauty. From the romance-drenched streets of Paris to the snowcapped peaks of the Alps, the continent offers a wealth of attractions that could keep even the most well-traveled occupied for decades. 

But once you’ve ticked off the big-ticket sights - London’s Big Ben, the canals of Venice, and the ancient landmarks of Athens - it’s time to discover some of Europe’s lesser-known gems. Spend your vacation island-hopping through the Adriatic on Croatia’s Dalmatian coast or get lost in the energy-infused bazaars of Turkey. Venture off-the-beaten-tourist track on a trip to Albania, home to some of the Balkan’s most surprising destinations, or join a tour in Corsica to explore its craggy mountains and blissful beaches. Accompanied by the continent’s culinary richness, a journey through Europe is one you will never forget.