Albania | Adventure Unbound

Albania could perhaps be Europe's last secret. With its snow-capped mountains, weathered castles, rugged forests, historical villages, and haunting Alps, Albania's a world of natural and cultural beauty just waiting to be explored.

Located along the Mediterranean coast between Greece and Montenegro, Albania spent decades in isolation, saturated in political strain. After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, however, the country began welcoming visitors from across the globe. In recent years, the villages of Albania have slowly begun to revitalize with renovated hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, and monuments. Locals welcome visitors with open arms and offers of coffee, liquor, or a meal. Albanian cuisine is simple and Mediterranean-inspired, with fresh seafood, homemade bread, and colorful salads.

Visit Albana with Adventures Unbound to immerse yourself in the culture as well as the natural beauty of this untouched destination. Our tours include kayaking beneath the stunning Lightning Mountains, hiking rugged terrain, and learning about Albania's rich yet tumultuous culture from knowledgeable local guides. Sites of interest include Greco-Roman ruins, Islamic mosques, Orthodox churches, and more!