Baja | Adventure Unbound


Just across the border, Adventure Unbound awaits in Baja! The gnarled finger of a peninsula and the sun-studded waters of the Sea of Cortez tend to be a bucket-list item for any avid paddler. Limpid, cerulean blue waters create a mirage-like contrast the the sunset-stained colors of the desert offshore. Rugged cliffs look over calm waters. The flora may occasionally be sparce but the wildlife and marinelife are anything but. 

Join us and camp under Baja's stars at our exclusive whale base camps. Glide into secluded coves where gray whales give birth and raise their friendly calves who enjoy showing off for passersby. Snorkel in glistening waters where sea lions slip and slide and vibrant fish dart around you. Hike through rolling hills and echoing canyons. Sip on a cool drink and munch on a fresh fish taco while you get to know some locals lucky enough to call Baja home. Let Adventure Unbound take you on an exploration through Baja's rugged, raw, and breathtakingly real heart.