Cuba | Adventure Unbound

Few countries are compelling as Cuba. From classic cars, rum, and cigars to untouched wetlands, reefs, and forests, this Caribbean gem is as complex as it is colorful. Cities are a vivacious blend of past and present, rich with Spanish colonial architecture, music, dance, and cultural celebration. From electric Havana to the streets of Santiago, there lies a history of rum, revolution, and so much more. Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Habana Vieja, and the Bay of Pigs are filled with reminders of Cuba’s intriguing colonial history.

Beyond the charged ambiance of Cuba’s cities is a rich realm of vibrant biodiversity. Coral reefs brim with tropical fish. Verdant wetlands, lined with swamps and mangroves, are home to flocks of pink flamingos. Fields of some of the world’s most coveted tobacco grows on old plantations tucked away from urban bustle.

Explore Cuba in a way no cruise line or city tour can offer. Only AU offers a truly immersive Cuban experience, where you step outside city confines and into Cuba’s hidden pockets to connect with locals in a unique people-to-people experience. Learn about Cuba’s people, culture, nature, and wildlife firsthand with Adventure Unbound!