Ecuador | Adventure Unbound

Ecuador is many things: a collage of cultures, a medley of environs, and a home for history. It’s a country of layers, and each visit to the small country can be completely unique and remarkably different. With its Amazonian rainforests and Andean peaks, misty cloud forests covered in moss and sun-drenched beaches, Ecuador offers an array of exotic landscapes that are enticing, thrilling, and wild. It’s a world that is fascinatingly otherworldly, and you can explore it with Unbound Adventures. 

Ecuador’s people are as exotic and captivating as its landscapes. Historic centers such as Cuenca and Quito are lined with picturesque colonial plazas, Spanish style churches, and restored manors. The highlands are pigmented by the Andean villages with their colorful textiles, and indigenous villages deep in the Amazon suffuse the rainforest with mysticism. In a world forever reaching for modernity and innovation, Ecuadorians not only keep their cultural history alive but continue to cultivate it.

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