British Columbia | Adventure Unbound

British Columbia boasts a particular kind of beauty unlike any other region in the world. Glacier-carved waterways, lush vegetation, warm summer weather, and iconic wildlife make BC a breathtaking vacation destination--especially for whale lovers. The Johnstone Strait has been called the premier destination for sea kayaking with orcas, with good reason. More than 220 of the black beauties swim through the channel each year.

Camping, whale watching, kayaking, and hiking are spectacular in BC. The region is home to the Robson Bight Orca Preserve, the world’s only orca sanctuary, and is also prime habitat for moose, eagles, and grizzly bears. With Adventures Unbound, you explore pacific beaches, alpine lakes, tranquil bays, and rainforest trails that are comparable to pages from a storybook. There is so much natural beauty to be admired in this part of the world, and we are eager to share it in a true unbound fashion! Whether you prefer camping or lodge-based adventures, we have the perfect itinerary for discovery by day and creature comforts by night.