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Experts in Arctic and Antarctic Travel

Home to breathtakingly beautiful white landscapes, incredible natural phenomena, and some of the world’s most remote terrain, our polar extremes are the last frontiers for adventure travel. Our Arctic and Antarctic cruises offer an experience like no other, journeying to places that few have the privilege to witness. 

Whether you’re venturing to awe-inspiring Greenland and Norway or cruising the Northern Passage to Baffin Island, an Arctic cruise offers up a smorgasbord of snow-blanketed mountains, glaciers, and wildlife-filled fjords. When you travel beyond the Arctic Circle, you’ll discover remote communities that have lived in tune with the land for thousands of years and follow in the footsteps of some of the world’s most hardened explorers. 

At the other end of the globe lies Antarctica - a continent that immediately conjures images of penguins waddling against a backdrop of whitewashed mountains and whales breaching amidst towering icebergs. An Antarctic cruise will take you through the stunning channels and inlets of the “white continent” while learning about the vital research being conducted at its scientific stations.