Our Difference | Adventure Unbound

Adventure Unbound has been sharing our love of adventure without borders since 1979.

With more than 4 decades of experience in delivering premier adventure travel tours, ground operating, guide training, and natural history interpretation, our contacts and insider’s knowledge in destinations across the world allow us to offer our guests an immersive, meaningful and enriching experience.

Choosing who to travel with on a trip-of-a-lifetime adventure is a big one. Let us tell you why we feel we’re the best choice to be your partner in adventure.

Travel Company Owners

Family Owned & Operated

Adventure Unbound and its parent company, ROW Adventures, have been a family affair since its beginnings in 1979. Both Adventure Unbound founders, Peter Grubb and Betsy Bowen, remain active in the company’s operations, and their leadership and passion continues to guide the company’s mission.

Adventure group in patagonia

Experienced Adventure Travel Guides

Great guides are the key to life enriching, transformative journeys, and we have some of the best. We start by selecting people seeing to set the high watermark in their own lives. We hire carefully, and provide extensive training, support and mentoring. We do our best to provide a healthy, supportive work environment and are proud of our high retention rate.

Our guides are ultimate professionals, bringing warmth and care to your travels, along with boundless energy and an eagerness to share their knowledge with you. Our guides outside the United States and Canada are bi- or tri-lingual and many have university degrees in relevant fields to the tours they are leading. Their knowledge and connections open doors that lead you deeper into a region’s natural and cultural history, taking you to those unknown places where meaningful interactions with locals can happen. They bring a can-do attitude and friendly smile, infusing trips with laughter, sharing and growth for all.

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Natural & Cultural Interpretive Tours

We believe that sharing natural and culture history with our guests enriches their appreciation and enjoyment for the areas they explore. Our guides share our curiosity of the world and are well-educated in each of the diverse destinations we visit so that we can share entertaining and educative information regarding the land, wildlife, and people throughout our adventures.

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Group Size and Guide Ratio

Adventure Unbound groups are usually 8-12 people, and rarely as large as 20. We always have ample support staff along with our lead guides, ensuring that you get the attention you need.

local food in Corsica

Gourmet Feasting

One of the best ways to appreciate and understand a culture is to taste it, and so we make sure that you're eating some of the best, authentic cuisine around no matter where your trip takes you. Our locally designed tours also mean that you're eating at local restaurants, enjoying local flavors, and engaging with the local community.

On trips where we are camping rather than dining out our superb guides prepare delicious meals from healthy, fresh ingredients. Look forward to diverse menus, lavish hors d’oeuvre spreads, and plenty of liquid and libation options. Our feasts may be moveable, but they’re always delicious.

national park in croatia

Environmental Stewardship

Adventure Unbound is committed to responsible, sustainable travel and environmental stewardship. We reduce our carbon footprint with man-powered exploration, fuel-efficient vehicles, and alternative energy sources. We also adhere to “Leave No Trace” camping ethics. Check out our responsible travel page for more information about our company’s commitment to the environment.

travel company staff

Our Staff: Reservation and Adventure Gurus

Our experienced office staff and adventure consultants are available to help you go on the trip best suited to your individual interests and answer any questions you may have.

Not only will our staff help you out with the trip itself, but they can take care of hotel reservations before and after your adventure travel vacation if requested.

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Risk Management 

Wilderness expeditions and outdoor adventures have inherent risks, and we at Adventure Unbound have developed risk management practices and strategies at all levels of our organization to ensure for our guests’ health, well-being, and peace-of-mind. We’ve invested a significant amount of resources and time into these practices, participating in the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) Risk Management Training and many other seminars.

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Passion for Travel and You

We love of travel, adventure, and providing the best in guest service drives all Adventure Unbound tours.