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La Paz - Baja California Sur

There’s no better introduction to Baja California Sur than its capital city, La Paz. Off its beaches lie several sun-strewn islands where visitors can find one of the world’s most biologically rich marine areas. Snorkeling and paddling in Isla Cerralvo’s deep channels show you a vibrant world of coral reefs and glittering tropical fish. Whale watching in quiet waters let you glimpse into a mysterious underwater world few chance to see. And strolling the boardwalks immerse you in an enticing culture seemingly a world away. Discover for yourself why La Paz is known as “The Peace” on your Baja vacation! 

Just outside of LaPaz, nestled in the Sea of Cortez, sits Isla Espiritu Santo. The Island has long held an allure as a kayakers paradise. With turquoise waters, shallow inlets, world class snorkeling and white sandy beaches; it makes the perfect backdrop for your paddling adventure. 

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