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Taste of Croatia - Signature Tour

Join us on our Taste of Croatia Tour, a private Croatia yacht tour exploring the country's miles of glittering coastline and incredible cullinary scene. Croatia's Dalmatian Coast is the most beautiful throughout Europe—an intoxicating world of mysterious caves, mythical islands and Mediterranean cuisine. It's warm blue waters are ideal for taking a swim, it's historic cities like Dubrovnik and Split are made to be painted in sunset tones at the end of each day, and it's natural beauties are more than just a Game of Thrones backdrop. There's no better way to explore, and take the time to enjoy, Croatia's lesser-seen sites than onboard a private yacht. As you sail to Croatia's islands, peninsulas and coastal towns, you can appreciate this country's authentic and diverse flavors as well as its cultures. 

Croatia Unbound's Taste of Croatia Tour is a maritime, epicurean adventure perfect for small groups, couples and solo travelers! Sail rugged coastlines, stroll sandy beaches and soak in the culture and history awaiting you in every small village and town dotting the Dalmatia coastline.

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