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Croatia and its miles of glittering coastline embodies a collage of cultures--and Croatia Unbound's Taste of Croatia tour embodies all of that culture in its cuisine. This maritime, epicurean adventure is perfect for small groups hoping to explore Croatia and it's many small islands in style. Sail by cragged coastal cliffs, historic towns, and sun-soaked beaches. Walk along gleaming marble streets and colonnaded palaces. Indulge in fresh seafood, savor some of the world's best wines and taste true Mediterranean olive oil. You'll discover that in order to truly experience Croatia, you must taste Croatia. Join us on our private yacht to explore ancient villages evoking the rich cultures of the Illyrians, Romans, Greeks, Byzantines, Venetians and Slavs. Stroll down streets of white limestone, watch for the red-tiled roofs heralded small island towns, and swim to hidden, luminescent coves. Croatia's cerulean waters, rich history and incredible delicious cuisine are sure to tempt your tastebuds and your sense of adventure.  *Private dates for charters available.Note: Exact routes are determined by weather and wind conditions and the itinerary may vary from that printed above.  We do our best to visit all sites mentioned, but sometimes in a different order.  A flexible attitude is requested.

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Day 1

Welcome to Croatia!

Upon arrival in Split, one of Croatia's many historic, beautiful cities, check into your hotel and possibly set out to explore the city's many sites. 


ACCOMMODATION : Split City Center Hotel

Day 2

Split to Brač

After breakfast, we begin our day with a walking tour down to Split's lively port brocaded with ancient architecture. Croatia--set at the edge of empires--embodies the cultures and aesthetics of many world powers, and you can trace the country's motley history in each of its unique monuments. 

Roman Emperor Diocletian's Palace is the pinnacle of our tour. Gaze upon it's extensive colonnaded square and bustling arterial streets where modern businesses meet ancient Roman ruins. Diocletian's palace demonstrates Croatia's hybridized culture with its Egypiant pink granite columns topped with Corinthian capitals, it's black sphinxes standing sentinal and the somber, sacramental aesthetic of the Baptisery of St. John. Enjoy Split's intoxicating flavor throughout the morning.  We will have lunch at a traditional Croatian restaurant in the old town before heading to the yacht

By mid-afternoon we board our yacht waiting in the harbor and relax with a drink and some snacks. Settle into your cabin and take in the views as we sail to the Island of Brač (weather permitting), where we dock nearby the Pučišća harbor. If poor weather doesn't permit our afternoon travels, we remain in Split for the evening before setting out early the next morning. 

Wherever we harbor, tonight you indulge in your first Croatian culinary experience. You might be treated to pašticada, a beef pot roast--a traditional Dalmatian festival dish. Or taste the Dalmatian's answer to crepes, the palačinke, whose diverse yet always deliciously sweet filling are the ideal end to the meal. 

MEALS INCLUDED : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 3

Brač, Splitska, and Hvar

On today's adventure menu is Brač, the Adriatic's third largest island whose cragged karst limestone cliffs are well-known throughout the world. As we tour the town of Pučišća and its stone cutting school, you learn more about the white marble quarries and the remarkable structures they have helped create. After, take in the town itself--a work of art in its own right with its white-roofed, Baroque buildings lining the hills.

Later, sail on our yacht to Splitska, where we debark for a hike through verdant vineyards and olive groves--two of Croatia's most famed products. Our walk takes us to Skrip, an ancient city still bearing remnants of early Illyrian, Roman and Croatian cultures. Visit the Native Museum of the Island of Brač's and view the relics and artifacts that remain from cultures long ago. 

Once we leave the museum, sit down for a fresh Croatian lunch with one of the locals and see what other sights Skrip has to offer. The island is blessed with olive oil, almonds, grapes and sour cherries--all perfect to taste as you sit in the sun. After lunch, you continue our exploration of Brač with a drive to Vidova Gora, the Croatian Island's highest peak. Take in the panoramic views before setting off on a brief hike to Pustinja Blaca, a monastery tucked away into the mountains. Founded by Glagolitic monks hiking from the Turks in the 16th century, the Blaca hermitage incorporates the original cave the two monks sought refuge in. After our tour, continue hiking the pine forests toward the cerulean coasts. Take a dip before we set sail to Hvar's Vrboska. 

We dine on board tonight, and our excellent chefs give you a true taste of Croatia and it's collage of cultures. You may have black risotto, or crni rižot, which speaks to Croatia's Italian heritage. Conclude your meal with another traditiaon Croatian desert such as fresh figs served with lemon juice. After dinner, you may choose to find your way to shore for some local wine tasting or stay on board for some stargazing. 

MEALS INCLUDED : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 4

Vrboska to Stari Grad and Hvar Town

Today you explore Vrboska, or "little Venice," whose arching bridges and winding canal are reminicent of its Italian namesake. Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architectural styles can be traced in its houses and historic churches, and the 16th century fortress-church of St. Mary of Mercy stands as a formidable reminder of the Croatian's past attempts to defend against Turkish invasion. 

Though Vrboska breathes of Venice, it's also very much a fishingtown--a heritage you experience with a tour of the Museum of the Sardine Fisherman. Learn about the deep ties between Croatia and the sea--and the origin of Starkist Tuna Company--before heading to Hvar's countryside. As we ramble through the fields of lavendar dotted with olive groves and vineyards, you'll understand why many know Hvar as the Queen of the Croatian islands. Our walk takes us to Stari Grad, where our yacht awaits. 

Once there, we visit the summer home of Petar Hektorović, one of Croatia's poets, in Tvrdalj. The fortress bears the poet's favorite quotes as well as a picturesque courtyard and fish pool. After, visit a museum housed within a monastery, wander the piazza, and gaze up at the Illyrian Cyclopean Walls. We return to the yacht for lunch, after which we may choose to anchor in the city's port or anchor farther away in a secluded cove. If we stay in town, experience Hvar town's night life after another dinner of Croatian delicacies. 

MEALS INCLUDED : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 5

Hvar to Vis

Though Stari Grad may be the city of colors, Hvar Town is the Adriatic's crown jewel. Rise early and enjoy the local market and the town's stimulating vibe. You may also choose to walk up to the Genoese Fortress that sits high above the town, the theater, Franciscan monastery and the cathedral. You also have the option of a hike passing through the Velo Grablje valley and down to coast off Milna. 

Rejoin with the group this afternoon and enjoy some lunch as we sail to Vis. If weather permits, we cross the chanel and anchor in Komiza or Vis. Vis, an outlying island, is actually as close to Italy as it is to Croatia--a distance that has allowed it to define its own unique style. Taste the savory bread Komiška pogača, sometimes known as Komiža flat cake, in Vis. If we stop in Komiza, you may have the opportunity to taste some raki, a local homebrew brewed from carob pods. 

MEALS INCLUDED : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 6


This morning we either finish our travels to Vis or set out to explore. If the weather is nice, visit the glowing blue waters of Biševo’s Blue Grotto--a partially immersed cave whose waters reflect a vivid aquamarine. After our stop at the grotto, hike through the maquis shrubs and pine trees that dot the island on our way to a picturesque cove where our yacht awaits. 

This afternoon, explore more of Vis' intriguing and enigmenatic history. Closed to tourism until 1989, Vis retains submarine depots and military tunnels alongside its vineyards. We stop for some wine tasting before visiting Mount Hum's cave systems, where Nazi-resistance leader Joseph Tito sought shelter, and the coves where submarines were concealed during the Cold War. 

Our evening brings us to port either in Vis or Komiza. Enjoy the evening as you wish as both towns offer plenty to explore and excite. You can create your own culinary adventure--let your taste buds lead you where they may. 

MEALS INCLUDED : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 7


Our day begins early as we travel about 5-6 hours to the island of Korcula. Known for its olive oil, white wine known as Grk and ship building, Korcula has plenty to offer beyond its stunning medieval walls.  Marco Polo was said to be born here amongst the stone churches and palaces. Take in the sights and rich history on our walking tour before we stop by the Cukarin, a delicious bakery owned by the talented Mrs. Smiljana. Taste her mouthwatering wares before heading back to the yacht. Take a dip before we sit down to more culinary treats. If the day allows, we may have time to visit one of Korcula's best wineries for a private tour. We also plan to invite some friends on board to treat us to "klapa," an a cappella singing style performed by 4-6 men. It's a culturally rich, personal treat for this tour. 

MEALS INCLUDED : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 8

Korčula and Pelješac Peninsula

After breakfast, we sail to the Pelješac Peninsula, Dalmatia's largest peninsula. It's sparsely populated and largely houses vineyards, olive groves, fruit orchards and macchia. Set off on a 5-mile walk along the peninsula, starting from the botanically-bent village of Viganj and heading toward Orebič. Take in the pine groves and pomegranate trees as you walk, then relax on one of Orebič's famed beaches with Mt Ilija standing in the background. We may stop by a maritime museum on the way as well. Once we've finished our walk, return to the yacht and sail to the tip of Pelješac. Anchor and indulge in a festive, farewell dinner on board!

MEALS INCLUDED : Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 9

Pelješac Peninsula, Ston, Dubrovnik

Rise for our final maritime breakfast before saying goodbye to the crew. Return to land for some more exploration of Pelješac Peninsula. Our first stop is the city of Ston and its dramatic Walls of Stone that wind through the mountains to Mali Ston. Walk along the European Wall of China a bit before visiting (and tasting the goods of) the expansive acres of oyster and mussel farms Pelješac is also known for. You can also sample some Dingač, the well-loved Pelješac wine. 

After we finish tasting Ston's salty goods, we head to Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik's ancient, gleaming marble streats and baroque architecture are sure to impress. You might recognize this well-preserved medieval town as King's Landing from HBO's Game of Thrones. Settle into a hotel of your choosing before setting out to explore Dubrovnik as you wish. 


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Tier Pricing: 
6-10 Guests = $4690
11-16 Guests = $4290

*Private Charters - Many groups like to charter a trip together with friends and family and we love helping you plan for these special occasions. If you'd like to do this and one of the dates above do not work, please contact us as we can happily set up custom date for your group.

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Our trips are budgeted for full or near full sign-ups which enables us to offer trips at the lowest possible price. Because of numerous fixed costs, it is more expensive to operate a trip for a small group. Therefore, on some of our trips, in order to avoid having to cancel a trip, we have a “tier-pricing” system to avoid canceling a trip with a low number of sign ups. We have found that most people also prefer this alternative to having a trip cancelled. Thus, you will note on our trip prices there may be different price for 6-8 people versus 9-10, versus 11-12, etc...

We may initially invoice you at the higher tier price, and refund the difference depending on the final group size. Trip costs quoted are based on foreign exchange rates current at the time of this printing. We reserve the right to raise the trip fee if there are exceptional cost increases beyond our control.

FAQ & More

Who should go?

People from all walks of life and all ages join our trips. We get a mix of couples, singles, families and friends, usually between 25 and 60 years of age. Some are physically challenged. Some are very active and some are not. Without exception everyone comes to have a good time and the variety of people and interests found on each trip makes it all the more fun. Our adventure consultants know that a primary consideration may be the mix of people on the trip, so we're happy to tell you who has signed up and help you choose a compatible group. ROW has taken people in their nineties on our trips. It's important that you're fit and active and choose an appropriate trip.

When is the best to time to go?

July and August are considered Croatia’s ‘season’. It is summer during that time, and tourism is in full swing. The weather is hot, the sea is blue, and the coast is at its best. The only drawback is that it is the peak of tourist season. Everything is busy in Croatia this during the summer and the crowds can be overwhelming. The weather in Croatia varies from the north to the coast. The north has a Continental climate with temperatures averaging around 77 degrees Fahrenheit in August. The coastal areas have a Mediterranean climate and the temperature can reach as high as 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The weather in May, June, September, and October will be milder, and the islands tand towns are way less crowded, we choose these months for or tours for this reason.

Can you accommodate for dietary needs and food allergies in the menu?

As long as we are informed in advance of any food allergies or dietary needs, we can mostly accommodate for it. In some rare instances, where substitutions may not be locally available in Croatia, we may ask that you bring your own substitutions.

Is there a minimum age requirement?

Even a yacht tour in Croatia can be a family's "trip of a lifetime." On all of our trips around the world we offer family-friendly and kid-exclusive trips...meaning, if you aren't traveling with kids, you sadly are not invited. We have specialty guides, earlier dinner times, have picked kid-friendly hotels and more to create the best atmosphere for you and your family. On this Croatian yacht adventure we can start a family-focused charter or add you to an existing one.

Will I need a visa?

You will need a passport that is valid for 6 months past the end of your trip, but a visa is not required for tourists who are on trips of less than 90 days.

What do I need to bring with me?

Packing light is always best when you’re traveling internationally. Make sure to bring copies of your airline tickets, your receipt for the purchase of your airline tickets, and a copy of the front page in your passport. It is a good idea to pack loosely fitting clothing that can be easily hand washed, and a 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester. You may want to pack a nice outfit for going in to town. Women will feel comfortable in a dress or skirt that hits below the knee to show respect to local customs. See our packing list for a detailed description of what to bring.

Do I need to exchange currency before I go?

The currency in Croatia is the Kuna, although some places will accept the Euro, you may be spending a fortune in the exchange rate. You can either exchange currency before you travel or get it from an ATM when you arrive, again watch for the exchange rate. Remember, it is never a good idea to keep a lot of cash on you while you are traveling, but in local shops and markets having some Kuna on you is helpful.

Does the crew of the Romanca speak English?

The crew of the Romanca speak Croatian and limited English. Your guide and Yacht Host will speak fluent English and will be your primary sources of information while you are on your trip.

Is it possible to explore the cities without a guide?

You are free to explore the cities by yourself. The crime rate in Croatia is low, but it is always best to use common sense, and keep any personal items close to you. It is always smart to stay in a group in areas you are unfamiliar with to decrease your chances of not being able to find your way back.

What do you recommend for sea sickness?

If you are prone to sea sickness, make sure to talk to your physician before travelling for suggestions as to what will help. A natural and inexpensive way to combat sea sickness is ginger chews and acupressure bands.

Do I need a power converter on the ship?

Depending on where you are traveling from, you may need to bring a power converter with you. The outlets on the Romanca are 220 volt outlets. The US and Canadian standard is between 110 and 120 volts.

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