Top 5 Adventures for Outdoor Lovers on Earth Day | Adventure Unbound

This Earth Day, go beyond Instagram likes and retweets and show your appreciation for all of the natural places that you love by going out and appreciating them! There’s no better way to celebrate the environment than by falling in love with it, whether it be the small urban dog park around the corner or a new trail set in the mountain foothills you always look at, but rarely get a chance to visit. 

Here are some of our favorite, simple ways to celebrate Earth Day outdoors. Because why stay in, when you can go out?

You don’t always have to drive far for a destination outdoor adventure. Throw on some running shoes, pack a day pack and hop into your car to discover a place to trot, walk or hike around for awhile. It’s not only a great way to get in some fresh air and stretch your muscles, but it’s a fun way to discover the place you live in more intimately. 

Don’t let the unpredictable spring weather stop you. Many trails are still open and offer a unique beauty that can’t be found on sunny summer days. Whether you’re biking or hiking, there’s something exciting about heading down a fresh trail and discovering new views. 

This one is an oldie but a goodie, going back to the time-honored tradition of planting a tree with your classmates in elementary school. But what better way to celebrate the earth and all of its natural beauty than to nurture a piece of it in your own home? Add some green to your spring and plant something this Earth day, whether it’s a small cacti you don’t need a green thumb to keep alive, something new for your garden, or maybe just a patio citrus cocktail plant so you’re set for your summer mojitos.  

Who says S’mores are for summer? For those hoping to stay close to home and still enjoy being outdoors, light up your fire pit and satisfy your camping cravings with the warmth, campfire stories and all-around bonding experience that campfires are known for. You don’t have to camp to have a “campfire,” and it’s a great way to have some family face-to-face time. 

Your fur buddies will thank you for a day romping around without a leash rather than sitting in front of a TV. Spend the day with man’s best friend running, playing fetch or simply strolling side by side in one of your local dog parks. You and your fluffy friend can have some unleashed fun, and there’s no on better to show you how to have unbridled fun in nature than your dog. 

There’s no better way to ensure the future of these breathtakingly beautiful places for those that come after us than seeing them, loving them and returning transformed. Check out our favorite Wild & Scenic Rivers and how you can help keep them wild.